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Remove leaves & other debris before snowfall
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The eaves (or gutters) on your home are there to collect water, not leaves and other debris.

When the rainwater or melting snow runs down the slope of your roof, it collects in the eavestrough and is removed from the eaves through the downspouts. Your downspouts should also be taking the water away from the foundation of your house.

When leaves or other debris prevent the flow of water in your eavestrough, water can overflow the eaves and spill over causing foundation issues and in the late fall and winter, cause ice to form on steps, walkways and driveways.

Clogged gutters can also lead to serious damage of your home.

  • Water seeping into your attic or walls
  • Rotting of roof materials
  • Ice Dams in the winter season

A simple cleaning of your gutters can prevent these issues.

When this happens in colder weather, this water turns to ice and can cause a whole host of other issues.

If the water absorbs into the ground around your fondation, it can also then seep into your home or colect underground and freeze causing foundation problems.

If the water pools in your eaves, it can also seep under shingles and soak up in the wood/sheathing of your roof. When this happens, it starts to leak into the attic and/or rotting the wood.

Make sure your home is ready for the winter season. Contact College Window Washers to have us clean your eavestrough of leaves, debris, sticks and more. 

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5 Reasons You Can Tell Your Gutters Need Cleaning

Water Overflowing Your Eavestrough

When water overflows from your eavestrough. A well-functioning eavestrough will drain the water through your eaves and downspouts.

Water In The Basement

If you notice water in your basement, one issue can be due to a clogged eavestrough or downspouts. When this happens it can cause major structural damage to your home.

THe Eavestrough Have A Stained Exterior

If you notice stains or mildew on the exterior of your eavestrough. It could be because of standing water in the gutters. This could be due to a clogged pipe. In such cases, it is important to get your eavestrough cleaned immediately. Water may seep into the walls or attic and damage the structure of your home.

Plants Growing in The Eavestrough

Are plants growing in it? There is a lot of dirt that gets washed off into your eavestrough. Seeds are coming from trees or blown around. Under the right conditions, it can form a nice layer of soil suitable for plant growth. This can clog gutters and pipes leading to further trouble.

Animals Crawling Inside The Eavestrough

If you start seeing bugs, squirrels, rats, and mice in your eavestrough. That is another obvious sign that your eavestrough needs cleaning.



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