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Regina Window Cleaning Quote

Window Cleaning, Power Washing, Gutter Cleaning, Construction Clean Up

Regina Window Cleaning Quote

Window Cleaning, Power Washing, Gutter Cleaning, Construction Clean Up

Residential Service Quote

What is your time worth? You work all week at your job and now you have to spend your weekends doing tasks around the house. Wouldn’t you rather be golfing, shopping or spending your time with the family?

Let College Window Washers work for you. We have the skills, tools and experience to perform faster and better. Stay safe on the ground. Let us climb the ladders, work on the roof, Cleaning your windows and cleaning your gutters.

Commercial Service Quote

Do you ask your sales people to do the accounting? Do you ask you accounting staff to do sales? Don’t ask your staff to do the things they aren’t trained to do. Let them do what they do best and hire us to do what we do best.

From window washing to power washing.

You don’t need to buy ladders, equipment or cleaning supplies. College Window Washers can be your team to come look after the exterior cleaning duties.

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Our speciality is giving you perfectly clean windows.

College Window Washers are ready to serve your home or business. Our window cleaners are trained to provide the superior customer service you expect when in the workplace or the quiet environment of your home.

Window cleaning is our profession
not just a job.

The Customer Comes First

At College Window Washers, we care about your satisfaction and the well-being of your home. We have years of experience, work carefully and meticulously, and are fully insured

Regina window cleaning quote

Regina Window Cleaning Quote


Residential & Commercial Window Cleaning in Regina
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